Launchy Launcher

Window desktop Launcher software

=>Launch applications and files fast and smoothly.
=>Blind search ( related key stroks) & Forgotten file Launch.
=>little space in desktop.
=>Too small and handy program.
=>Portable with relative path defined supported, run in flash drive or install in hard disk.
=>Just useful concept of launching &
=>search in Start up folder & self Luuncher folder; managing your Shortcuts .

=>Just kept this app in hard-pendrive head folder.
Software search self folder & sub folder & Start folder

Operation : just TYPE few related key & launch application & file.
Window : any + .net .
Technical : light weight, portable,....
search (1)in Start up folder & (2)self Luuncher folder;

High useful for :
=>Desktop clean.
=>forgoted & miss file Launch .
=>Data storage.
=>Searching file so easy.
=>Blind search & launch.

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